On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

The Chancery | Waukesha, Wisconsin

For my first “bloody adventure”, I went to The Chancery in Waukesha.  It was recommended to me from a few people as one they’d really liked.  We got there around 2:30 pm and had to wait a bit for our bar drinks.  When our bloodys came out, I knew why so many people recommended this place.

The menu read:

Our Famous Chancery Bloody Mary $5.50
With Chaser $6.00
Our special bloody mix with a plethora of garnishes
** Make it an “Ultimate” Ask for Ketel One Vodka for only a $1.00 more

My two-cents:

The Spice: this bloody wasn’t that hot definitely had a little kick.  I could easily see the spice granules floating in the tomato juice, clouding the bottom of the cup.    I asked the bartender later if they made the mix in house, or if they used a pre-made bottle.  She told me they use Divani Mix (I’m not sure how to spell this, and I couldn’t find information on it online.  However, she told me you can only buy it online).  She said the spice mix they use is liquid, and they mix it with tomato juice.  What I did find online was this link about Jimmy Luv mix.  According to OnMilwaukee.com, all of the Chancery’s use this mix.   Whatever it was, it was tasty.  I would have liked it a little hotter but, then again, I like things hot (that’s what she said)!

Chaser: Yes, for $.50 more.  I went with Blue Moon, only because I hadn’t had it in years.  I should have gone with a not-so-sweet choice.   Oh well, there will be more to be had!  What are your chaser favorites?

Garnish: Let’s just say I could have gone without ordering a sandwich.  There were a lot of garnishes in their Bloody.  There was a pickle, olives, canned mushrooms, lemon, lime, huge celery stick, 2 scallions and a spicy beef stick.  Of course, there was also the celery salt rim- which is one of my favorite parts of a Bloody Mary.

Size:  This bloody was your average 16 ounces.

Cost:  Since I opted to go for the Blue Moon chaser, which totaled this Bloody at $6.00.  I’d say it was well worth it.

Final thought?  Yep, I’d have it again.






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