On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Cafe Hollander – The Milwaukeean | Tosa Village. Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

I’m really excited to write a review on (one of) Cafe Hollander’s Bloody Mary.  Put your best Paula Deen impression and say “This was a dang good one, ya’ll! Mmm!”

First of all, how adorable is the Tosa Village?  I can’t wait for the weather to be a bit warmer  so I can actually explore down there.  Second, I’ve never been to Cafe Hollander.  I loved it.  The menu selection were different in a very good way.  A little fly on the wall told me they had a couple different Bloody’s to choose from, which made me pretty excited to go.  The Bloody menu has six listed!  Then there was one hidden on the brunch menu, and one the server told me about.  How amazing is that!?

Guests of Cafe Hollander can choose: The Westsider, Milwaukeean, Hasta Manana, Frenchie, the GinMary, Traditional, Southsider (on the brunch menu) or the one the server told us about- almost seemed like a daily special.  Naturally, I opted for the Milwaukeean.

The description read:
“For the true Wisconsinite, a mix of Milwaukee’s own Rohorst Vodka and a splash of Grimbergen Duddel served with horseradish, cheese and bacon” 

Why I thought it was the cat’s pajamas’:

Spice:  This was the spiciest Bloody I’ve had on my adventure yet.  I’d even go as far as saying it was the prefect amount of spicy.   Just like the Jimmy Luv mix, I could actually see the spice granuals and chunks of horseradish.  The chunks mostly sunk to the bottom, so as you drank from the straw, I got chunks of it in each sip- it was prefect.  The mix was thick and full of flavor.  Cafe Hollander is part of the Lowlands Group- from what I’ve read on the websites, I’m pretty sure they make their own Bloody Mary mix in-house.  It makes me expecially excited to try their other locations: Trocadero & Cafe Centraal.

Chaser:  Without asking, a chaser was presented with my Milwaukeean.  The server didn’t tell me what kind it was, but Tate and I both agreed it was some sort of Belgian beer.  Whatever it was, it went well with with spice of the Bloody.

Garnish: I opted for a lighter lunch this time because I had a feeling I’d get quite full off of the Bloody itself.  I was right.  The Milwaukeean was served with spicy pickled asparagus and green bean,  a sharp-cheddar cheese wedge, a entire stick of bacon, pickle and the typical olive, lemon and lime.

Size:  Again, the typical and perfect 16 ounces.

Buzz:  I definitely caught a little buzz over lunch.  The Bloody mix, vodka and beer were blended so well, I could taste the vodka ever so slightly.  Perfect.

Cost: Cafe Hollanders average Bloody cost was $8.00.  I’d say it was well worth the cost.

I will definitely return- and like I said earlier, this makes me really excited to try the Lowlands other locations. Cheers!

2 comments on “Cafe Hollander – The Milwaukeean | Tosa Village. Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

  1. jo
    September 25, 2012

    Just visited the Hollander, Sunday for brunçh. While sitting at the bar waiting for a table, a beautiful glass of color caught my eye. I asked the bartender if that ” garden party” in a glass was a Bloody Mary. It was a Milwaukean. SO GOOD! a beautiful glass of spicy deliciousness. And…BACON!!! Perfection, go and taste for yourselves.

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