On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Matty’s Bar & Grille | New Berlin, Wisconsin

This week, I hit up Matty’s in New Berlin.  Matty’s is pretty active in the community, and while sitting there, I realized I’ve seen their logo before without even being there.  It’s pretty recognizable.  It’s a cute, little place that looks like it was once a house.  They’ve got a pretty decent sized patio out back, but Wisconsin weather didn’t permit an outdoor experience today.  Don’t be surprised one day, if this site randomly turns into “bloody mary’s of ____ (insert any warm city)”.  Matty’s had a smaller brunch menu, featuring classic breakfast foods.  Check out the menu’s on their website.  The service was above and beyond at Matty’s.  Every person, without going over the top, walked by either smiled or asked how you were, how your food was, etc.  It seems like a very tight-knit group of employees.

I was intrigued by Matty’s bloody mary’s by the way they make them.  I didn’t get all the facts, but I’m pretty positive they make the mix from scratch.  I love that.  They automatically get points for effort.   On the bar, you can see how they make the mix.  They’ve got a big jug filled with tomato juice, cucumbers, peppers, onions, pickles, celery and, of course, vodka.  I’m sure they add their own spices in there too.

I didn’t have time to look at the drink menu, because the bartender was over in an instant.  She asked if I’d like a small or large.  Since I always get so full on these little adventures, I went with the small.

Here’s the low-down at Matty’s:

Spice: This bloody wasn’t all that spicy, but it was so smooth! It also helped that they infuse the mix with Opulent Vodka to help with the “smoothness”, which is a little higher-end spirit.   I think it’s the way it’s made, the way they infuse the tomato juice, but there are absolutely no chunks at all in this mix and a bit on the thinner side.  Everyone is different in what they enjoy, but I actually like the chunks and thickness.   If you’re a fan of bloody’s but prefer it “not so thick”, I’d recommend Matty’s in a minute.  It seems like Matty has it figured out!

Chaser:  The bartender offered me a chaser of either High Life or Miller Lite.  Since I’m constantly working on my boyish figure, I went with Miller Lite.

Garnish:  Since I went with the smaller size, my garnish was different than the large.  I got celery-salt rim, with a cheese cube, olive and a beef jerky stick.  I noticed in the large there was celery and a bit more greens.  The beef jerky stick was a unique touch though, I liked it!

Size:  The small was the typical 16 ounces.  The large was served in a 25 ounce mug with handle.  I might opt for the large if I hadn’t gotten breakfast too.

Buzz:  Not so hot in this department.  Since it was so smooth, I downed this drink pretty fast and didn’t notice a buzz at all.  Maybe I’m getting used to the bloody’s and phasing out my extreme light-weighted side?  Thanks Sunday!

Cost:  Matty’s priced their bloody at $5.75 and I thought it was an awesome deal.  Obviously, Matty’s puts more effort into their bloody than most places.  I thought the process and way they make these would make the price a bit more.

Overall, the experience at Matty’s was great!  I’d highly recommend it if you’re in the area (although, I’m sure most people in the area already know and go)!  The food, service and drinks were excellent.  I’ll be back!

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