On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Marigold Kitchen | Madison, Wisconsin

On a recent trip to Madison to visit a best, Marigold Kitchen was recommended to us for bloody marys in the AM.  It was Sunday, so the Farms Market was busy and alive.  Located at 118 S. Pinckney St., Sarah (the local) figured we’d have no problem finding it.  For once in my life, I can say Sarah was wrong.  We definitly got lost.

When we got to the actual restaurant, I was immediately stricken with anxiety.  It was very crowded (which is great for Marigold!), but as a first timer, we were a little thrown off.  It was very similar to a Panera operation: order, sit, eat.  The difference was this: order, wait to be seated, eat.  Super cute place, but it seemed a little disorganized.

I ordered an eggs, potatoes, toast combination while Sarah opted for a salmon omelet and, of course, we both got bloody marys. We were seated, then our bloodys came so we got a good five minutes to get a good taste.

Here’s the beef:

Spice: I will say, the actual “spice” of this bloody was … can I say well presented?  I say it like this because the spice was really the only thing to it.  It was almost like they dumped a jar of pepper in the bottom of a cup and filled it with tomato juice.  Now, to all you unnamed followers, you know I like spice.  This one was just too much.  If it had been a mix of spice AND other things, Marigold’s bloody would have potential.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t there.

Chaser: There was no chaser with this one.

Garnish: You can tell the bloody mary here was not an item menu they prided themselves on.  This came with the typical lime, lemon, olive garnish.  Like times past, especially being a full-service resturant, you’d think they could throw something creative in there. However, they were really busy.

Size: This was the standard 16 ounces.

Buzz: I’ll make this short and sweet: not happening.

Cost: To be honest folks, I don’t remember the cost.  My bad for not making a post earlier.  No matter the price, this wasn’t really worth it.

I can’t hate on Marigold completely.  The food was phenomenal.  And when I say phenomenal, I mean it was phenomenal. They use the freshest ingredients around with certified organic eggs.  Bonus.  I’d say if you’re in Madison, stop by for brunch- you won’t be disappointed. However, I’d try the mimosa 🙂

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This entry was posted on June 5, 2011 by in Bloody Marys in the area.
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