On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Sand Bar | Pewaukee, Wisconsin

A bit ago a friend and I got together on Sunday to check out Sand Bar in Pewaukee, WI.  If you haven’t been to Pewaukee, I recommend it.  I spent many summers working on the lake and have truly grown to love the area.  It’s full of cute restaurants, things to see and places to go.  Sand Bar is located at W278 N2315 Prospect Ave right on the lake.  They even have sand patio which is very enjoyable in the summertime.

This particular Sunday, we opted for the basement bar.  The crowd was a little rowdy, as the Brewers were playing an afternoon game.  Dispite the crowd, the service was good.   Our server was over within a few minutes, offered us a food menu and took our drink order.  We both went for the bloody mary bar.

The server then brought us both plastic cups will of ice and vodka, a la most bloody-bar style.  For the offering, they had about 6 different bottles of bloody mix.  They were all manufactured mixes, which was a little disappointing, but all were well stocked and clean.  In the bar, they had Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, olives, limes, lemon, mushrooms and spicy, pickled asparagus.  It was strange to not see celery offered though (especially when we ordered wings and they came out with celery).

Here’s my critic:

Spice:  for my mix, I went with a blend of Zing Zang and Jimmy Luv.  It was absolutely perfect.  The Zing Zang is exactly that… it’s spicy and thick (Billy Ho’s in Pewaukee also uses Zing Zang if you’re looking to try it solo).  I knew from experience that Jimmy Luv makes an amazing mix too.  The two combined had the perfect amount of spice and grain. The only way this could have gotten better was if it were not a manufactured item.  I’m a fan of restaurants that make their own and actually seek them out.  However, I know it’s cost and time efficient to purchase mixed bottles.  And, let’s face it, if you have a good bottled mix, you’re customers will be happy campers…. just like me!

Chaser: Sadly, this did not come with a beer chaser.

Garnish: I loaded my bloody up with mushrooms, olives and the tasty spicy asparagus.  Just like a few review in the past, I’m always disappointed at places that house a full kitchen but lack in the bloody garnish department.  Sand Bar is bar food, but some celery at least would have been appreciated.  It also could have gotten better with some celery salt on the brim.

Size: This was my first 12oz bloody.  The size was actually okay with me because I get so full- and then I had room for wings!  However, after seeing so many places serve a 16oz, the smaller cup left me feeling a little ripped off.

Buzz: I’ve had adult beverages there before and know they pour their drinks pretty well so, it could have been a mix of the smaller size and filling up on wings, but I didn’t feel much of a buzz off of Sand Bar’s bloody.

Cost:  This bloody bar was a well-worth-it $5.

At the end of the day, the experience at Sand Bar was a good one.  My recommendation for their bar would be to increase the size of the cup- if needed, add a dollar to the cost.  The 12oz cup seemed very small.  Other than that, the service and wings were fantastic!

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