On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Comet Cafe | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When it comes to Comet Cafe, I think of a couple things.

  1. A wait. There is never a lack of people at Comet Cafe.  True, I am going in relatively prime hours but I still know there will be a wait to be seated.   Don’t let this distract you from getting your tasty eat on though.  The wait is always well worth it for this homestyle grub.  It’s “a little cafe with a little kitchen”.
  2. The food.  The food is incredible. It’s from scratch, prepared to order, slow cooked food (hence the wait).  Whether you’re hitting up the breakfast, lunch or dinner menu, you won’t be disappointed.
  3. Bacon.  They’ve got awesome bacon.  On Sunday’s, they even have an all-you-can-eat Bacon special.

Comet Cafe, located at 1947 N Farwell Ave in Milwaukee is all over Milwaukee sites for “best of this” “best of that”.   Believe what you read.  They’re vegan and vegetarian friendly, try to stay local in season, have a great staff and, if I haven’t said, great food. Every time I’ve gone to Comet, I haven’t gotten the Bloody.  Well, my friends, one fine day in September, I was able to cross it off my list.

Our own special Bloody Mary made with Vodka and a touch of Guinness.  Garnished with bacon (of course!) and served with the cutest 7oz. Miller Hi-Life ever! – $7.00″

Here’s what I thought:

Spice:  While there were undoubtedly a lot of spices in Comet’s Bloody, it was not very spicy in itself.  I’m not sure how Comet creates the base but I’d be very interested in learning.  The menu says it’s “special” but I’m just not sure.  The taste was good, but it didn’t wow me.  However, spices were chunky and definitly putting in their effort.  I could have done better with this Bloody being a bit spicier though.

Chaser:  The menu was right.  It was served with the cutest 7oz. Miller High Life… ever.  It complimented the drink very well.

Garnish: Along with this Bloody, came a pickled brussel sprout and mushroom, olive, lemon, lime and bacon.  I’ve never had a brussel sprout, so I took the opportunity, and with a little convincing to try it.  Let’s just say, they’re not for me.

Size: 16oz.

Cost: This Bloody was $7 and I’d say it was worth it.  Especially with the worlds cutest Miller High Life.

Buzz:  If you’re looking for a buzz, you might have to order two.  Perhaps it was the amazing burger I had with the Bloody that got my belly so full.  However, at Comet, that’s to be expected!

Final thought?  I love Comet Cafe but I’m not sure if I’d order the Bloody Mary again.  It just didn’t “wow” me.  They do have quite a few more drinks on their brunch menu that I’d definitely try out (Beermosa or the ‘Sconnie-mosa).  I may have been able to enjoy it more if the food just wasn’t so damn tasty but, that’s what they get for having a great menu!

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