On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

The Wisconsin State Fair | West Allis, Wisconsin

Some people, and by people I mean alcoholics, may disagree with me but I find drinking Bloody Mary’s at night to be strange.  However, my father is the biggest fan of the Wisconsin State Fair ever.  So, when he went one night, I decided to hop along and meet up with some friends.  In years past, I didn’t know there was even a Bloody Mary to be offered.  Why, oh why, would I think such a thing.  You can find anything your little heart desires in the Wisconsin State Fair.   A girlfriend told me where the booth was located, and what she thought so I went ahead and tracked it down right after it got dark.

Since it is the Wisconsin State Fair, I’m going to be honest and say I wasn’t expecting much.

Bloody Mary at Wisconsin State Fair


Here’s what I thought:

Spice:  This Bloody was made with Jimmy Luv’s mix, and I think it’s pretty clear by now how I feel about it.  Please allow me to reiterate: it’s great.  It’s a bit spicy with a little kick and it’s thicker than most mixes on the market.  I highly recommend.

Chaser: If you can consider frozen chocolate chip cookie dough on a stick a chaser, than yes! It was awesome!  But, no actual beer was served as the Bloody’s counterpart.

Garish: Honestly, I had to convince the bartender to put garnishes in the drink.  Although they were sitting right in front of him, he stared at me for a solid 2-seconds after I asked him “aren’t you going to put any garnish in it?”  Perhaps he made too many that day and he’d just had it.  Who knows.  I was happy with two olives and a pickle spear opposed to nothing!

Size: This was served in a 16oz clear SOLO cup.  Thanks for the class, Wisconsin!

Cost:  I expect everything and anything to be expensive at the State Fair.  The Bloody Mary was no exception.  This mediocre beverage was $10.  Even with using Jimmy Luv’s sweet mix, no, it was not worth it.

Buzz: Perhaps the two beers I had prior, but I got a little buzz by the time I was sipping on ice.

My last words: I’d rather spend my $10 on a ear of amazing corn from the New Berlin Sled Bugs, or a completely loaded baked potato.  If you’re really looking for an adult treat at the State Fair, go ahead and show your Wisconsin pride…. sip on a Miller.


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