On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

AJ Bombers | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The last time I was at 1247 North Water Street in Milwaukee, it was called The Corner Bar and I was certainly underage.  My return was prompted by a new adventure with friends in which we select a new resturant each month. We’ll start with A, incorporate rules (possibly make up more as we go) and ring in countless memories and menu’s over the next 26-months.    I highly encourage you to follow here: A Slight Discomfort.

When we arrived at AJ Bombers at 730, there was about a 20-minute wait for six people.  Not too bad… we hopped to the bar and ordered our first round of drinks.  Although the sun was down, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.  A few people had recommended AJ’s Bloody Mary to me so I was a bit anxious to try it.  Most raves were about the garnishes opposed to the mix which made me curious.

The wait time was accurate.   Our server was attentive and polite- and the food was really quick!

Spice: I was pleasantly surprised with the spice factor!  I thought it was subtle but very good.  They create their own mix out of V8 and “special spices”.  Although I knew there was certainly spices in this mix, it was too smooth to identify them.  There wasn’t anything visible in the glass like one can typically see in any half-decent Bloody.  Again, even though I couldn’t see them doesn’t mean they weren’t there!  The mix was neither too watery or too thick.  Very good.

Chaser: I had the option of Miller Lite, High Life and MGD (I think) in the cute, mini bottles.  I opted for Miller Lite.

Garnish: After I ordered the bloody, and the bartender said it would be a couple minutes as they have to cook the burger, I knew I was in for a  treat. After 3-5 minutes, it arrived to me with a mini bacon wrapped cheeseburger patty, olives, pickles, lemon and lime.  Next to Wicked Hop, the presentation was the best. The cheeseburger was excellent!

Size: The only thing standard about this bloody was the size.  It came in the typical 16oz bar glass.

Buzz: Yes, I did catch a little buzz on this one. And no, I didn’t fall asleep afterward.

Cost: I can’t believe I didn’t check my tab for the cost.  If I had to guess, I’d say $8 would be fair.

Conclusion: I’ll be back.  Maybe not tomorrow, next weekend, or within the next 26-months, but I’ll return! I was impressed!

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