On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Sobelman’s Pub & Grill | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Since I’ve begun the bloody project, I’ve probably had at least 10 people recommend Sobelman’s at 1900 W. St. Paul Ave in Milwaukee. The Marquette bar is famous for their burgers, even deeming their website: milwaukeesbestburgers.com. They even competed against AJ Bombers last year in the Travel Channels Food Wars. Unfortunately, the results were not in favor of Sobelmans.

PS: upon research, it appears Sobelman’s has branched out to other parts of Milwaukee. Check out Sobelmans Eastside Grill at 1952 N Farwell Ave if it’s more convenient for you. Don’t go there looking for a Bloody Mary though. They only serve beer and wine.

Before ordering Bloody’s we interrogated our server just a bit. To fill my own curiosity, I like to ask if they make their own mix. Some places are more tight lipped than others. I was a little disappointed to learn Sobelman’s uses Jimmy Luv Bloody Mary mix. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jimmy Luv mix as much as the next booze-hound. I even recommend it to people who ask what my favorite store-bought mix is (Jimmy Luv + Zing Zang = perfection). However, Sobelman’s has the reputation of “World Famous Bloody Mary’s”. I might get ridiculed for this statement, but if you have such a strong reputation in the Bloody community, you better have a perfected, homemade mix. Sobelman’s is famous for their burgers so, obviously, they know a thing or two about making things tasty. Right there, Sobelman’s got some points off from me.

I’ve been accustomed to Jimmy Luv Mix a few times, specifically at the Chancery. Read that review here.

The Spice: When I’ve had Jimmy Luv Mix in the past, I’ve always thought it had a little kick. Sobelman’s was a little watered down though. However, it did get my buzz kicking.  Since it was a little diluted, the traditional spice was not there at all. The flavor was good and I could recognize why Jimmy is so luv-ed in Milwaukee. There were light granules on the bottom of the cup, but stirring the ice a little got them floating. Next time, I’ll add some tabasco sauce.

Chaser: A small chaser of Miller Lite came with Sobelman’s bloody mary.

Garnish: Sobelmans has given County Clare a run for their money! I enjoyed the uniqueness of County Clare a little more though. Sobelman’s gained points in the large cheese cube and, what almost tasted like pickled, beef sticks. The garnish holder itself was hand fastened out of three cocktail straws that sat right on top of your glass. I’m personally a huge vegetable fan, so typically the more veggies in anything is best. However, leave your pickled vegetables at home, folks. Pickled mushrooms and brussel sprouts stayed on the plate that’s specifically given to place the garnishes on. Other than the cheese and beef, we were dealing with the usual contenders: olives, lemon, tomatoes. Sobelman’s could have gained another point for me had the toppings been fresh vs. pickled. County Clare is still my #1 for garnishes.

Size: I loved the mason jar Sobelman’s bloody mary was served in. It was probably 12-14 ounces.

Buzz: Sobelman’s successfully got my buzz going on an empty stomach. It filled me up so, I’m glad I didn’t order something in addition to eat. However, I would love to try one of their famous burgers.

Cost: $7.50. I thought this was a little steep for the smaller size and pickled ingredients. I’m happy to pay a little more for fresh food.

Final thoughts: if you’re in the area for a Marquette game, I’d recommend stopping at Sobelmans.

One comment on “Sobelman’s Pub & Grill | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  1. bloodybest
    February 21, 2012

    That garnish is a meal in itself! Looks overwhelming, but we’d probably drink it.

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