On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Cafe Hollander – The Frenchie

This past Sunday, I got a hankering for Cafe Hollander. My mind has been on their Blackberry Turkey Sandwich, but since it was still before noon, how could I not resist their awesome brunch menu and bloody marys? I was tempted by Hollenders weekly special of a Pizza Bloody, created with Pepperoni vodka, oregano and other pizza spices, mozzarella cheese… it was very tempting. However, the Frenchie was recommended to my by an old friend, Tyler. Although he used to pick on me while on the elementary school bus, I’ve never taken him as having bad taste so I took his recommendation.

Due to the Milwaukeean I had last year at Cafe Hollander, I knew, no matter which of their Bloodies I choose from, I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’ll continue to commend the Lowlands Group for their unique, homemade mixes. They have obviously been brought success by opening several locations and concepts throughout the Milwaukee area. Their popularity is no secret. The wait for a table for two was 30 minutes, and the wait was not a minute shorter. As mentioned in my previous review (found here), they create all mixes in house using their own special recipes. They often have a weekly special, not listed on the menu, but the server will be sure to inform you.

“French vodka, tomato juice, Dijon mustard and and a bleu cheese stuffed olive”

Here are my thoughts:

Spice: I knew the Frenchie wouldn’t satisfy my spicy taste, but that’s okay. It was infused with dijon mustard; I’m a big fan. Upon first sips, the mustard flavorings left a great aftertaste. The mix was thick, filled with flavor. I’d love to see how the cafe prepares their mixes, as they’ve always been thick, spice filled and most pleasing to the pallet. On a little hangover belly, the Frenchie’s smooth taste went down perfectly. If you do not like mustard, I don’t think I’d recommend this particular Bloody for you.

Garnish: Hollander traditionally gives each bloody a pickle, bean sprout, spicy pickled asparagus stem, olive, lemon and lime. Then according to each individual recipe, they get a few additional garnishs. The Frenchie was presented with one bleu cheese stuffed olive (which I love). I wish I could have gotten more!

Chaser: A small chaser of Lakefront’s Fixed Gear was given. It complimented the smooth finishing of the Frenchie well.

Size: A traditional 16 ounce bar glass, stamped with the Hollander crest.

Buzz: I didn’t catch a buzz from the Frenchie, and that’s okay. I attribute this to the gigantic, and fantastically delicious plate of waffles and fruit I had.

Cost: $8.00. No matter the cost of a Lowlands Group Bloody, I will continue drinking. I feel $8 is well worth it.

Final thought: If my review hasn’t stated enough, I highly recommend Cafe Hollander. If you happen to not enjoy Bloody Mary’s, at minimum, go for their brunch. If you can stand the wait, it’ll be well worth it. Thanks for the excellent recommendation, Tyler.

One comment on “Cafe Hollander – The Frenchie

  1. Shan
    February 25, 2012

    we should get a bloody before i leave (again).

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