On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

The Eatery on Farwell | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Prior to being recommended to me, I had no clue The Eatery on Farwell, at 2014 North Farwell, existed.  Perhaps Comet Cafe across the street steals the thunder.  I read a review before visiting which said it was better than it’s near-by neighbor.  While I don’t know if I can say the food is better quite yet (I’ll give it another chance), The Eatery’s Bloody Mary beat Comet’s by a landslide.  It was exactly what I’ve been searching for.

Here’s why I thought it was the bee’s knees:

Spice: A+.  If you’ve followed my project at all, you’ll know I like spice.  Not just spice as in, lets say pepper, but spice as in HOT.  As stated on the menu, The Eatery infuses their vodka with vegetables and uses a homemade mix.  While I didn’t ask what vegetables they infuse with (and we were too far from the bar area to see) but, it was one of the better Bloody’s I’ve had.  Spices such as horseradish and pepper were visibly floating.  The mix wasn’t too thick, and it wasn’t too watery.  If the menu holds true, nice job on the homemade mix!

Garnish: The Eaterys Garnishes were fairly standard.  But, a big fancy garnish wasn’t necessary to make up for a lack-luster mix.  They dressed up the Bloody with a pickle spear, olive, pepperoncini pepper, a big chunk of pepper-jack cheese and a stick of beef jerky.  Simple but well done.

Chaser: Without asking, this came out with a chaser of Lakefronts Flat Tire (the same presented with Hollanders Frenchie).  It was a very nice blend.

Buzz: I went in on an empty stomach when the Bloody arrived to the table and I drank a good majority of it by the time our food came.  Regardless or not of pre-tummy conditions, I definitely got a little buzz going on Farwell.

Size: Standard 16 ounces

Cost: $7.00 – and it was worth it.

Final thoughts: If you’re into spice, I highly recommend The Eatery on Farwell.  It seems like a good brunch spot, as well.  You’ll be able to read a review on it’s food menu in May here: A Slight Discomfort when we go for the ABC’s of Milwaukee Dining!  Beware of the wait on the weekends.  We arrived around 11 on a Sunday for a 45-minute wait.  I’ll be back!

2 comments on “The Eatery on Farwell | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  1. scaroll
    April 10, 2012

    great review. i can’t wait to get a bloody when i’m in milwaukee next. wanna be my date?

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