On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Timothy O’Tooles | Chicago, IL

I recently found myself swept away to Chicago for a little birthday celebration.  While Sunday called for a little work, we were able to squeeze in a Bloody Mary adventure first.  Local’s had recommended Timothy O’Tools so we headed to the corner of Ontario and Fairbanks.

Although Timothy O’Tools has a decent  beer and liquor selection, I knew what I was there for.  Immediately upon heading down stairs, you see a table with a huge selection of Bloody Mary fixings.  Seeing this, I figured I ‘d be crafting my own beverage.  The Sunday menu showed an “all you can drink Bloody Bar” for $20.  I knew I wouldn’t be getting more than one, so I opted for the single.

Spice: I asked to have mine extra spicy, and it certainly was.  My non-spice loving gentleman suitor accidentally got a sip of mine and quickly turned up his nose.  There wasn’t more spice in it visibly, leading me to believe more Tabasco sauce was added before the mix went in.  The mix itself was very generic.  If they craft it themselves, I’d be embarrassed to admit it.  However, I wouldn’t think twice if it was a bottled mix.

Garnish: Seeing all the options at the Build Your Own Bloody bar, I was pretty disappointed when the single came out with lack-luster garnishes.  This Bloody arrived with a bar sword of three green olives, celery salt rim and a lime.  Not even a celery stick?  Come on.  The server did mention the bar was under construction.  However, the options that were presented at the build your own table was extensive, I thought for sure we’d get at least a cheese cube! No dice.

Chaser:  We didn’t get a chaser with our drinks.  However, in Timmy’s defense, I know the “chaser” concept is a Wisconsin/Minnesota thing.  See this post.  I will not hold this lacking factor against them.

Buzz: Unfortunately, I didn’t catch even a little buzz at Timothy O’Tooles.

Size: This was served in a standard 16 ounce bar glass.

Cost: As friends picked up the bill, I wasn’t able to view the price of this Bloody.  However, I think the server said they were $9.00 each.  Which, in my opinion, is too much for a Bloody of this caliber.

Final thoughts?  If I’m on the corner again at 10 AM on a Sunday, I’d walk a little farther to try something new.  Next time I unexpectedly find myself in Chicago, I’ll follow the advice of  The Bloody Best blog based in Chicago.  Check them out for some good recommendations.


One comment on “Timothy O’Tooles | Chicago, IL

  1. bloodybest
    October 1, 2013

    Thanks for the shout out! We’d love to tell you about our fave bloody marys next time you’re in Chicago. Or even grab one with you and compare notes 🙂

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