On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Wicked Hop | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you read any article or review on Bloody Marys in Milwaukee, I saw with confidence that you will not get through the list without reading Wicked Hop.  It’s true; they are known for their homemade concoction and visually perfect garnishes.  For me, the truth is, I’ve had Wicked Bloody a few times, even since this Bloody project began.  With all of the reviews and articles out there, I figured everyone knows what it’s all about.  Some reviews label it “epic”, “the best in town”…  let’s just say it certainly holds its own in the industry.

The Wicked Hop itself is a cool place.  It’s prime Milwaukee real estate on the corner of St. Paul & Broadway.  They’ve got a nice outdoor patio, which Milwaukee-ans eat up in the warmer months.  It’s usually always busy, no matter the time or day you go.  They have a sub-par menu for all times of the day and usually is college-kid free.

Wicked Hop Bloody Mary

*I found this image online as I was not happy with my own. Thanks Google. 

Here’s the truth, loyal readers: I’m not a big fan of Wicked Hops Bloody Mary.  Here’s my thoughts:

Garnish: This are nothing I can shake a finger at.  Wicked hand picks every garnish that goes in beginning with a lemon wedge, olive and pickle. Add on walnut street portabella mushroom, beef stick, peeled shrimp and top with a handful of mozzarella whips.  This breakfast in itself is definitely visually stimulating.  This is where the train stops for me.  Being lactose intolerant, I can safely say,  I live in the wrong state.  Whenever cheese comes with a Bloody, I always pass it along to whoever is willing.  Once the cheese came off at Wicked Hop, it’s really nothing to write home about.

Spice:  We sat sat at the bar this past Sunday so I got to see how the bartenders worked.  When we got there, he had about five pitchers of bloody mix.  I assume everything was mixed in with this, including vodka because he didn’t pour anything in from the rails (or at least that I saw).  From the texture and look of the mix, I couldn’t tell what actually goes into it.  My best guess (I know this is probably wrong) is V8 and Sriracha to add spice.  Visually, I can’t see any pepper, horseradish or other spices floating around in the glass but you can taste a little kick.  In my opinion, it’s just “okay”.

Chaser:  A chaser is given with your Bloody order.  I believe it was Miller Lite.

Buzz: This wasn’t the strongest Bloody out there, even on an empty stomach.  Could I tell there was vodka in it? Yes.  Was it strong?  No.

Cost: The Wicked Hop charges $9.00 for their Bloody Mary.  I feel impartial about this.  With the cheese whips, I’d say this is a fair price.  However, it was any more, I’d say they were taking advantage of their so-called great reputation.

The Wicked Hop has done a damn good job at making their Bloody city-known.  In my very humble opinion, it does not deserve the hype.  I will say, however, this particular visit has been the best I’ve had.  In the past, they were very watered down and lack-luster.  Perhaps they’re on the way to living up to the reputation.

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