On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Gordy’s Boat House | Fontana, Wisconsin

It’s not very often I journey to Lake Geneva.  In fact, I’ve only been there once before and had a particularly lack-luster bloody which was even too boring to post about.  My trip back to the area was exceptionally nice and couldn’t have been on a more beautiful day!  One of my very good friends, Michelle, is getting married in September to Nick.  We gathered in Fontana for her bridal shower last Sunday afternoon.  A few of us got together early to grab a drink before the party started.  We met at Gordy’s Boat House Restaurant before heading upstairs for the party.  Gordy must be a popular guy in the area as he’s got a boat shop, bait, a deli and a restaurant!

When we sat at the bar and ordered the Bloody Mary bar, the bartender filled our glass with a pretty good amount of vodka and pointed to the build-it-yourself table.  Here’s how it went:

Garnish: The options for this were really nice!  Let me say, I’ve been to Build-Your-Own bloody bars before that have been bigger.  However, I liked this one the best.  There were about eight different kinds of olives (jalepeno, garlic, pepper, blue cheese, regular, sardine…).  I’ve never seen such a variety offered before!  As an olive lover, I was satisfied.  There was also every other garnish you could think of: celery, beans, asparagus, baby carrots, tomatos, mushrooms, pickles and of course, lemon and lime.  The things that were missing which I’ve been accustomed to in Milwaukee: cheese and beef.  But, trust me, I was okay without them!  My one grip about the garnish table: it was too small.  The actual table was very small and only allowed about 1 person there at a time.  Granted, we had three girls trying to squeeze in at the same time (we were excited… and thristy!).

Spice: the mix provided was very, very mellow.  I debated if it were just V8 in a colander but I saw a few spices floating around in there.  Perhaps they added horseradish to it.  Whatever it was, it definitely needed to be spiced up to my liking.  Gordy’s had a lot of options for making your bloody very personal.  After some worshershire, some jamaican sweet & spicy mix, pepper, garlic, celery salt and hot sauce, I was good to go!

Chaser: We were not presented with a beer chaser.

Buzz:  I certainly got a buzz at Gordy’s off of rail vodka.  Keepin’ it class, friends!

Cost: The guest of honor stole the bill from us and refused to let us pay!  Isn’t that the rudest thing you’ve ever heard?! 😉  If I had to guess, I’d say the price of the Bloody was $6.  The price is not listed on their website either.

Overall, if I found myself in Fontana, Wisconsin on a weekend, I’d definitely stop in for a personalized bloody mary!  We didn’t eat, but the staff was very friendly and attentive.

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