On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Hooligans Super Bar | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

One of the reasons why I began this Bloody adventure was because I kept seeing all of the same establishments on review lists. I always saw: The Wicked Hop, Cafe Hollander, Hooligans and Sobelmans. Well, I recently took down all of the “top contenders in Milwaukee”. I have to say, Cafe Hollander is the only one that’s stood up to its reputation.

We recently made a trip to Hooligans at 2017 East North Avenue in downtown Milwaukee. It was a quick stop while running around on a Sunday afternoon. We each got a bloody mary and that was all she wrote. Hooligans has a nice little sidewalk patio that was packed. The inside was pretty empty – which is pretty typical on a Milwaukee summer day.

Hooligans Bloody Mary

Despite what all of the “official sites” say, here’s the real review.

Garnish: pickle, lemon & olive. Needless to say, I was disappointed. First of all, whether the garnish adds flavor itself to the bloody or not, it’s a good addition to have in this city filled with bacon, cheese, peppers and even potatoes! Second, Hooligans has a full menu. I can say with confidence they had all above mentioned food accessories in the kitchen. Maybe my bloody standards are getting higher but I feel like if you’re going to skimp in garnishland, you should have an awesome mix to back it up.

Spice: That mix I spoke of in the last sentence… yeah, not so awesome. Hooligans does make their own mix so I give them an A for effort in this department. I’m not confident they actually tested the efforts put forth. The mix was plain and pretty lackluster. If I had to build the recipe myself, I’d say: add some pepper and Tabasco sauce to some V8. The End.

Chaser: Our server gave us free range of possible chasers, which was nice. I’ve never experienced that. Regardless, I opted out but TJ got a standard ol’ High Life. The chaser was no addition charge.

Size: 12 ounce bar glass, and I don’t think I finished the whole thing.

Buzz: Nope!

Cost: $6.50. I’d say it was about $1.50 too much for this bland bloody experience.

Now, somehow this bloody Mary has ended up on multiple “Best of’s” lists so maybe, just maybe I went on a bad day. I’d give them the benefit of a doubt and try it again if I happened to stumble in there during daylight again. If you’ve had a different experience at Hooligans, I’d love to hear about it.


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