On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Stubby’s Pub & Grub | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Have you guys heard of the place in the old Bayou space?  Stubby’s at 2060 North Humboldt Avenue was introduced to me by a friend at work, Gerry, who likes to go to Stubby’s for their food/beer pairings.  I’d only been to this location once before when my best friend and I went for a wonderfully romantic Valentines Day dinner at it’s previous concept, Bayou.  The owners of Stubby’s also own Rustico on Water Street and Zarletti on Milwaukee Street.  Having known that, it only makes sense to have two Bloody Mary’s posted on the Stubby’s menu.  One was the Stubby’s recipe, while the other was Rustico – which had an Italian twist.

Here’s what I thought of the Stubby’s Classic:

Garnish: Pepperoncini, a huge slice of summer sausage, pickle spear and a good ol’ olive.

Spice:  For what this bloody lacked in actual spice, it made up for in flavor.  It was very smooth and smokey.  I couldn’t put my finger on what built the flavor but I know it was good.  Of course, I recognized the typicals of pepper and horseradish.  The consistency was right on too… not too watery.

Chaser:  We went with Schlitz for this bloody’s companion.  Included!

On to the Rustico… 

Garnish: Pepperoncini, another huge slice of summer sausage, artichoke, and two kalamata olives.

Spice: A few years ago, I went to a baby shower and ordered a bloody mary in order to survive the amount of unknown guests, frenzy of baby gifts and games.  When it arrived in front of me, Adriane and I couldn’t help but giggle.  I’m confident it was a glass of ice, vodka, and tomato juice with a pepperoncini and olive.  We joked that it was the Italian version of the bloody mary. It was so lack-luster, I didn’t even want to find time to review it.  Stubby’s proved me wrong that bloodys can have a great Italian version.  There were light floaties of pepper and other spices making it mildly spicy sprinkled with parsley flakes.   There were light floaties of spices.

Chaser: For the Rustico bloody, we paired it with “Stubby’s Beer”. Tasty but nothing I would order again.
For both…

Size: These were a bit small but anything served in a mason jar is okay in my book.

Buzz: Despite the pre-bloody empty belly and small snack of tater-tots, we left buzz-free.

Cost: $6.75 + $6.75 = $13.50.  Another bonus to these bloodys.

The final DEALIO? When I return, I may not opt for the bloody mary, but I’ll certainly be back to try some beer.  The selection was large, brewing some of their own.  The website makes it seem like the beers are ever-changing.  Par that with an intreging menu… I’ll return.


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