On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Blue’s Egg | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Blues Egg has been on our list of places to try for a while now.  It’s a favorite amongst friends but we’d never found the motivation to go out to almost Wauwatosa when there were so many great places right in the neighborhood.  We’d also always heard the wait is always pretty hefty.  Finally, after some research on their above par french toast, I was determined to drag TJ there for brunch.

When we pulled up, we were both surprised to find Blue’s Egg is actually in a strip mall.  We circled the lot a few times and finally found a spot out back.  The rumor on the wait was true.  We’d gotten there around 10AM, with a wait of a half hour.  Once you get  inside, you’d never guess it to be a strip mall location.  It was very unique and took you back to a yesteryears type-feel.  As we waited, two spots opened up at the bar so I hopped up, thinking to just get bloodies while we waited.  The bartender quickly gave us menu’s and talked about the days specials.  Needless to say, it worked out in our favor.

Here’s the deal…

Garnish: this wasn’t too fancy but enough to perk my interest.  This bloody came with your typical lemon, lime, olive and pickle… all grouped with a thick slice of bacon. This bloody’s companions were very fresh, which is more than I can say for some places!

Spice: I’m going to be honest here and say  I was expecting more.  Of high reviews from friends, I was expecting a more unique taste for such a unique place.  The truth is, it was kind of boring.  It wasn’t bad by any means but there definitely wasn’t anything  extraordinary about it.

Chaser: A little bomber of High Life came with this bloody without even asking.  Bonus.

Size: this was served in the traditional bar glass; 16 ounces.

Buzz: The Ketel One mixed with this bloody definitely got a buzz going.  I wasn’t the only one either…

Cost: $7.50

To accompany the Bloody Mary, I ordered the Blue’s Classic Benedict.  It was my first experience with this dish and it won me over.  The french toast was stellar too.  If only Blue’s could get down the bloody recipe, this place would be a favorite.  I will most certainly be back for a meal but will not be ordering the bloody again.


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