On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Husby’s | Sister Bay, Wisconsin

In the last post, I reviewed Trails End in Rome, Wisconsin.  If I could take Trails End, and move it to Door County, it would be called Husby’s.  The decor, ambiance and friendly staff were two in the same.  While in Sturgeon Bay for work, we decided to hit up the rest of the area and check out Sister Bay and Egg Harbor.  We had a nice lunch at a small cafe – I was hoping they served Bloody Mary’s but since they didn’t our server referred us to her favorite spot.  Luck for us Husby’s, it was right up the road.

Our bartender, Janet, was very friendly and answered any questions I had about the Bloody.  Although, she explained a lot without prodding.

Husby's bloody mary

The Bloody Mary at Husby’s in Sister Bay, Wisconsin

Here’s what I thought:

Garnish: Jalapeno soaked pickle, olive, cube of pepper jack cheese, celery salt and a beef stick.  I loved the unique touch of adding their own infused pickle although I couldn’t tell the difference.

Mix: Janet insured me the mix was homemade and told me they make “a lot each week especially on the weekends”.  I could tell why.  The mix was thick and very tasty.  It paired perfectly with the jalapeno infused vodka.  Janet said the tomato juice was mixed with a lot of spices, which were visibly present in what I like to call “the floaties”.  I know, I’m very technical.  While we were sitting there, I noticed another guest asked to have her bloody “less spicy”.  This bloody was spicier than you’re average, which is maybe why I liked it.

Chaser: Since it was mine to decide, I went with Big Bay Brewing Co.’s Wavehopper.  I liked it better than TJ’s Red Hoptober.

Size: 16 ounces.

Buzz: I left Sister Bay with a small buzz that carried onto Egg Harbor.

Cost: $6.  Awesome price for a great Bloody Mary.

If you happen to find yourself in Sister Bay, I recommend stopping at Husbys.  It seems like it would be a particularly fun place to go during any sporting event.


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