On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Mr. Beilke | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Today’s review is a special edition.  It’s not available at any restaurant, and you’d be so lucky to get one.  Why?  These are a staple within my close-knit group of friends – mostly making an appearance when we go to Rome.  Weekends in Rome are full of too much food, booze, and foolish amusement.  Adam’s bloody mary always makes an appearance Saturday morning with breakfast.  We figured it’s about time we make this thing official.

Adam's Bloody Mary

Adam’s Bloody Mary and his wife’s blinging ring.

Spice: Adam’s bloody isn’t spicy but the flavor is very well done.  From my understanding, he begins with a jug of straight tomato juice & goes from there.  He adds flavorings like horseradish and mustard to achieve it while keeping the mix thick and smooth.  From the side of the glass, you can see floaties of other spices such as pepper and celery salt.  Even though I’m biased, it is one of my favorites.  I wouldn’t change anything about this mix.

Garnish: There isn’t necessarily a “standard” for this aspect. The garnish changes almost every time they are made.  Adam mixes it up with pickles, pepperoncinis, olives, beef sticks, cheese whips, celery, asparagus and bean sprouts.

Chaser: There is always a chaser with Adam’s bloody.  I get to pick it out myself, too.  This time, I chased it with some homemade 4Loko (aka FauxLoko).  It made for an interesting day.

Size: Whatever clean cup we can find.

Buzz:  Yes, I’ll admit, I always get a buzz from this bloody.

Cost: This one is free for me… I’m so lucky!

Sorry for the teaser, folks!

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