On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Maggie Mary at Cafe Centraal | Bayview, Wisconsin

I’m not quite sure that it’s fair to rate this one seeing that it was a special on the menu at Cafe Centraal in late December  However, it was too good to disregard.  I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy Lowlands Group bloody mary’s.  The recipe is just simply so good. Since I have tried all of the regular bloodys on the menu, I opted for the special which was very intriguing for me.  It’s called the Maggie Mary and was described to me as having 15 different spices, gin vs vodka and a date garnish…. yes, please!

Cafe Centraal bloody mary

Mix: When the server told me this special was made with gin, I almost turned him down.  But that wouldn’t be doing my civil bloody duties now, would it? This was your typical Lowland mix with an additional kick.  It was different in an awesome way.  I’m not a gin drinker – at all.  My only experience with gin is serving rail quality warm to unbeknownst bachelor parties.  So, I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of it in a Bloody.  I couldn’t tell if the additional kick was from the gin pairing with the spice or if they actually added a little something to this one.  When it was passed around the table,

Garnish: Just as stated, this came with a date and I didn’t eat it 😀  As usual, it also came with a pickle spear, green bean, asparagus  lemon, lime and jalapeno stuffed olive.

Chaser: This came served with a small chaser of a wheat beer.  My beer expert boyfriend couldn’t figure it out.  You’ve stumped is for  now Cafe Centraal but we’ll be back (fist shake)!

Size: Standard 16 oz bar glass

Buzz: I caught a little holiday cheer on this one.  Maybe it was the gin 😉

Cost: $8, which is a standard price for Lowlands.  I’d pay more too.  So good.

Take away: try the special drinks. Cheers!

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