On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

The Iron Horse | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Iron Horse Hotel on 500 West Florida Street is currently the trendiest and most unique hotels in Milwaukee (in my opinion). TJ and I have recommended it to multiple people recently, mostly because we frequent it… maybe more than we should. We’ve found ourselves there for two weather ridden weddings. The staff couldn’t be more helpful. Shameful plug: check out those pictures here and here. It’s not only that the staff is over accommodating and the food and drinks are good; Truth is, we love the decoration. It’s warm, dim and inviting. It’s “our style” with exposed brick and duct work, dark colors, leather, iron, wood beams and an over all apothecary theme mixed with Harley-Davidson paraphernalia.

Their drink menu is different and a few people have recommended the bloody to me prior to this visit. On this particular Sunday, my friend Liz was behind the bar. She was able to fill me in on some juicy recipe details.

Thanks Google for the image.  Ours was accidentally deleted – gone forever! 
Here’s my take-away..
Mix: This homemade mix is created with some things I wouldn’t think to put IN the mix but it makes sense. You’ve got your standard worcestershire and celery salt. Then the Iron Horse mixes in Guinness, basil, straight olive juice and A1. The A1 stood out on my palet once Liz told me what was in it. It’s not spicy, so it’d be good for a beginner but has enough flavor to keep a veteran interested. It’s good in a different way and definitely a bloody you should try out.
Garnish: Monday – Saturday, the garnish includes a pickle, celery, beef stick, olive, lemon & lime. On Sunday, they add an additional mushroom, brussel sprout, pepperoni and shrimp. I thought the garnishes were standard. There is definitely enough to fill you up!
Chaser: We were able to choose from the few beers on tap for our included chasers. The freedom is appreciated however, I love recommendations to something that compliments the ingredients in the mix.
Size: 16 ounces with a mini chaser
Buzz: Rail vodka got me going. It was a perfect amount that didn’t take the taste of the mix away but you could tell there was vodka in there.
Cost: $9.00. It’s a bit on the high end for a bloody mary but it fits the atmosphere. Had it been a penny more, I’d say they were going for too much.
An insider told us the Iron Horse just replaced the head chef. We’re not so sure if this will effect the bloody mary but I hope not. They seem to have a pretty great thing going on, in and outside of the bar. If you haven’t been, go! And take your dog!



One comment on “The Iron Horse | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  1. Nicholas L. Honeck
    May 6, 2013

    I had a bloody with A1 once before and it totally overpowered the mix. If you are saying this was good, I am interested to try it.

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