On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Uglys Pub | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As promised, I tried out the new Uglys Pub on Old World 3rd Street with some girlfriends.  It was on a nicer evening so we sat outside with a table of three.  The street wasn’t too busy, and sitting outside was perfect after a work day. Since Uglys is brand-spankin’ new, they didn’t have any happy hour specials yet.  I hope that changes.

Although it was 530PM, I ordered a Bloody Mary anyway since I was ensured they make their own mix.


Mix:  This mix was surprising!  The first few sips left me very curious – actually the whole drink left me wondering what was in it.   When I asked the server, she wasn’t very knowledgeable blaming it on the bar for not letting her try some (she’s not 21 yet… legal matters… you know…). The mix had a sweet taste to it and was unlike any other Bloody Mary I’ve tried.  I found myself so curious about it, trying to detect the tastes with every sip.  We couldn’t figure it out and it’s still a mystery mix.  It was on the border of being watery but it didn’t taste watered down.  It wasn’t spicy, but sweet – certainly not your typical Bloody Mary.

Garnish:  After I ordered my drink, it took about 10 minutes to arrive.  No worries though – I wasn’t in a hurry with good company.  The server said they grill the shrimp to every order.  When it arrived, it had a pickle spear, celery, a cheddar cheese cube, olive and two grilled shrimp.  They were very good.

Size: I felt like this was between 12-16 ounces.  It wasn’t your standard bar glass but it wasn’t a small 12 ounce cup.

Cost: Well, I screwed up on this one guys.  I threw out my receipt.  My total with a $5 chips/guac appetizer was $16.65.  Since I’m so smart, that means the Bloody was around $9-10… which means it’s a little higher priced than competitors.  I always revert back to Lowlands Group pricing their Bloody Marys at $9.  I think that’s a fair price for theirs.  Ugly’s would be fairly priced if they serve in a full 16 ounce glass (and I may be mistaken – maybe the thin glass was deceiving)

I don’t know if I’d recommend Uglys Bloody Mary to newcomers.  If you’re in the mood for something different and new, head on over to Uglys.


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