On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

O’Lydias | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The actual building of O’Lydia’s at 338 S. 1st Street has been there forever.  It was built in the late 1800’s and has jumped names a few times of the last 100 years, including Slim McGinns.  We always pass O’Lydias as it’s perfectly placed in between neighborhoods.  During the summertime, the patio always looks busy so I decided to give it a go.


Mix:  I was really hoping the mix would match the wonderful garnish but it just didn’t stand a chance.  I’ve been on a short bad streak of Bloodies, so don’t be surprised if I go with a personal favorite repeat post next week.  I can’t quite put my finger on what the flavors of the mix were.  Tomato juice, lots of spice – pepper, horseradish.  My palette isn’t refined enough to tell what the flavor in some bloodies is that just doesn’t go well with my ‘buds.  It almost tastes like meat.  Like the water left over in a bag of hot dogs was mixed in with the tomato juice.  Logic tells me, this isn’t what actually happens.  Maybe it’s pickle juice, too much olive juice?  Regardless, I wasn’t a fan.

Garnish: The garnish was great a O’Lydia’s!  It came with a full beef stick, which my co-drinker, Molly, enjoyed greatly.  It also came with a big pretzel, fresh peppers, pickle…  it really made me excited about the bloody. 

Chaser:  Yep! This came with a little chaser of Miller High Life.

Price: This Bloody was really well priced at $5.  It’s a Sunday special so I can’t even be mad about not liking the mix. 

Buzz:  Not finishing even half of the drink, sadly, no buzz factor at O’Lydia’s

Although I didn’t particularly enjoy the Bloody Mary, I wouldn’t deter from visiting O’Lydia’s.  The building itself is really cool and full of history.  They have a decent beer selection and a great patio (when a train isn’t going by) and the staff was overly friendly.  From their website, it looks like they have some pretty great weekly specials.  I recommend visiting, but save yourself $5 and skip the Bloody.  


One comment on “O’Lydias | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  1. bloodybest
    June 6, 2014

    Yes! Delicious looking bloody and love the High Life glass. Cheers!

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