On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Hi-Hat Garage | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hi-Hat on Brady Street is often a place we hope to go during the summertime. It’s got a great patio on the sidewalk and the people watching Brady Street cannot be simplified into one word.  Especially in the summer, it’s always packed leaving us impatient and venturing on to our next location.  A few Sundays ago, as it was a little colder, we lucked out.


Here’s what I thought of their Bloody Mary

Mix: I was really excited about this one because it was recommended to me by a few people.  However, I was let down.  Again, I couldn’t help but think of hot dogs and meat while I took my first couple of sips.  I’m not a vegetarian, nor have any aspirations to be, but I don’t like the taste of artificial meat in beverages.  The server told me it was homemade so rest assured Hi-Hat fits the BMOM criteria.  I barely drank half.  TJ said it was “eh, okay” and drank the whole thing.

Garnish:  Very simple with a cube of pepper jack cheese, pickle spear and a thin slice of summer sausage.  Oh, and of course, I can’t forget the lemon and lime.

Chaser:  Yes, Lakefront IPA (we got to select our own).

Size: Regular size of 16 ounces

Buzz:  Nope.  No buzz at Hi-Hat.  The vodka was strong though.  Had I finished the whole thing, I certainly would have.

Cost: $5.

I’ve read so many great reviews on Hi-Hat that I almost want to call this an “off day” and try it again in the future.  I just can’t diss Hi-Hat because I really like it!  We ordered a hummus appetizer that was really great and sitting on the patio hit the spot.  Next time, I may just order a beer.

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