On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Camp Bar | Shorewood, Wisconsin

Camp Bar at 4044 N. Oakland Ave is “up north” in the city.  It’s a perfect location & seems to have grown it’s share of regular customers.  When you walk in, it’s almost like you’re not in Milwaukee anymore.  You’ve magically relocated to a dark, up-north, cozy bar. They don’t have a kitchen, but coordinated with a near by restaurant where all you have to do is text your order and they’ll be there in 15 minutes.  While you wait though, free popcorn.  This certainly is my sort of bar.

A few people have recommended their Bloody Mary to me and we’ve been eager to try it out.  Here’s what I thought:


Mix: For the hype, I was expecting more.  Camp Bar recently competed in the Heat It Up challenge where their Bloody Mary came in 2nd Place.  I thought, compared to other bloody marys in the city, it was a little lack-luster.  Let me say, it wasn’t bad by any means.  It had a great tomato flavor, horseradish and pepper to spice it up and I’m sure a bit of Tabasco to give it that little kick.  However, it was a bit watery for my liking.  I wasn’t able to see how it’s made as their mix was already complete when we arrived.  Coming in a 21-ounce glass though, thinning it out is a good tactic.  I was actually able to finish the whole thing and didn’t feel terribly full.  Overall though, I was a tad underwhelmed.

Garnish: This large Bloody Mary came with a beef stick, spicy pickled asparagus, pickle spear, a green olive and a cube of pepper-jack cheese.

Chaser: Yes, this came with a chaser of Rhinelander Ale… one of TJ’s favorites!  He drank this one along with a Wisconsin Old Fashioned.

Buzz:  With as large as this Bloody Mary is, I was surprised to not reach buzz levels after consuming.

Cost: $10.  For the size of this bad mama-jama, I thought this was a fair price.

Size: This was served in a huge 21-ounce mug.

Summary: The presentation is awesome – and the service is great but the actual Bloody Mary left a bit to be desired.  When we went back, I’d certainly wouldn’t discriminate.  Camp is that “cool cabin up north” everyone wishes they had right in town.  Even my mom could get down with this sort of “camping”.


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