On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Harbor House | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

While on our ABC’s of Milwaukee Dining quest, we went to Harbor House at 550 N Harbor Drive – right on the lake.  TJ and I had been there before but as we were finally there for brunch, I opted for the bloody mary.  When researching IF Harbor House offered a bloody mary, I couldn’t find much other than their weekly FB promotions telling followers to mention a lucky word to get a free Bloody or Mimosa.  So, I was a bit leery.


Here’s what I thought:

Mix: Since I was a bit unsure of what they offered (nothing was on the menu), I asked the server.  She said they do use a mix but if requested, they would make one from scratch for me.  I opted for that asking for it spicy.  The homemade mix was a very standard, classic bloody mary.  It was mixed with just right spices – horseradish, worshirshire, pepper and I’m sure a little tabasco (although I could have had more).  Could it have been stronger in flavor? Yes.  Am I totally complaining about it?  No.

Garnish: The garnishes were very simple.  For being a Bartolotta restaurant and having the kitchen they do, I have to admit I was hoping for more.  How easy would a shrimp have been?  Understandably so, apparently they’re trying to give their bloodies away for free so maybe they don’t want to invest in them too much.  Bartolotta usually does everything over the top though.  I was a bit let down with two olives, a pearl onion and canned mushroom.  Of course, lemon and lime too.

Chaser: This did come with a little chaser but the server did not let me know what it was.  It was a light pilsner that went well with the tomato juice.

Buzz:  You guys.  Maybe I’m just getting tolerant of the 1-2 ounces of vodka generally put in the Bloody Marys?  I didn’t catch a buzz at Harbor House.  This is probably a good thing though.

Cost:  Since it wasn’t listed on the menu, and we split the bill, I didn’t get a glance at how much my drink was.  Sorry!

If I find myself at Harbor House again for brunch, I’d definitely ask for a homemade bloody mary.  I’m sure the next one would be quite different as it’s very dependent on the bartenders stylings.  That’s kinda fun though…


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