On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Green Machine at Cafe Hollander | Tosa Village

When I’m at a Lowlands Group restaurant, I try to have the Bloody Mary special if they have one available.  If not, I get one on the menu that I haven’t had yet (each restaurant has a lot to try)!   I stumbled upon one recently at Cafe Hollander (Tosa Village) that I had not tried.  It was called the Green Machine and I had to have it.


Mix: I was excited to try this one as I really like cucumber vodka.  The menu description was: “Cucumber vodka, lemon, green onion, house bloody mary mix and cucumber wheel”.  It sounded right up my alley and I was not disappointed. It was perfect.  It was so refreshing.  It had the thickness of the traditional Lowlands bloody mary but so smooth with the cucumber vodka.

Garnish: This one came with a cucumber wheel, a pickle spear, olive and a lemon wedge.

Chaser:  There’s always a chaser at Cafe Hollander.  Sometimes they tell you what it is, and sometimes they don’t.  On this particular visit, they did not let me know.

Buzz:  Just a wee-little buzz here today, guys.

Cost: $8.50.  Great price for such a good bloody mary!

It’s no secret I love the Lowlands Group bloody marys.  They’re so consistent – I basically know I’m going to get a good drink every time.  I especially loved the Green Machine.  It was the perfect summer Bloody Mary.  I’m definitely going to recreate it at home.. or just go back for another one!


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