On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

The Cutting Room at Milwaukee Public Market | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Milwaukee Public Market is one of our favorite spots in the city.  It’s so versatile so TJ can get tacos and I can get sushi.  For as long as we’ve been going there, we’ve never visited the Cutting Room which is a little, hidden bar in between the deli and sushi.

The bartender let me know the Bloody Mary is a house blend, so I opted in!  Here’s what I thought


Mix: I actually wasn’t feeling 100% when I drank this but I fought through it.  I’m glad I did… I loved it.  The mix was spicy (in a good way) and a little sweet.  It was thick and full of flavor!  I sat tried pin pointing what exactly was standing out to me.  I’m not a professional, but I do eat a lot!   I noticed there were full mustard seeds in the mix; I’ve never seen that before.  TJ and I agreed that even with the spicy kick, the mix tasted very fresh… “garden fresh” were his exact words 🙂

Garnish: The Cutting Room decorated with a green olive, pickled brussel sprout, mini pickle, tomato, a mozzarella ball and a large pickle spear.  Oh, of course, don’t forget the lemon and lime.

Chaser: The choice was mine but I left it up to the bartender to pick for me.  I like to see what thy select.  He gave me a Lakefront Brewery, Eastside Dark.  I loved it.

Buzz:  Since I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t know how this would sit.  Prior to drinking the bloody mary, I had a large smoothie and a salad so my stomach was pretty full.  I did not catch a buzz at the Market though!

Size: 16 ounces

Cost: Apologies, a friend paid for our round and I forgot to ask him how much my drink was.  If I had to guess, I’d say $8 would have been a very fair price.

While the Cutting Room isn’t really a place you want to “go meet friends”, it’s definitely a cute spot for just a few people.  I think there are 8 spots at the bar, and not a lot of standing room.  I felt super secretive in there, and felt like we found a little hidden gem.  If you’re at the Market, find the little, hidden bar!

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