On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

8th Annual Tomato Romp!

This past weekend, TJ and I were invited to be judges at the 8th Annual Tomato Romp! Fourteen bars participated this year all within walking distance of the North Ave area. All bars handed out 5 oz samples of their Bloody Mary mix and were not allowed to use any condiments with Skyy vodka.  We liked this contest because it’s what we largely review local Bloody Mary’s on. Optionally, participants could take a chaser of Milwaukee Brewing Company – Outboard Ale.  At 11AM we picked up our ballets and headed out.


Our first stop was Yield Bar. Right away, we knew it would be hard to beat. The owner, Patrick, grows ingredients for the Tomato Romp event right in his own garden. The mix was fresh, spicy and just the right amount of flavor. It was awesome! If you were lucky enough to get to Yield on Saturday, consider yourself lucky! This special Bloody Mary can only be found once a year. Make sure to go next year. Patrick’s creation at Yield won Judges Choice and Fan Favorite!


Other notable mixes were:
The School Yard Bar & Grill – A spicier take on a very classic Bloody Mary
Replay – Very unique, thick and full of flavor
Von Trier – Very tasty mix!  They also have popcorn.  Enough said.
Divino – Basil infused, very unique!

We can’t wait to take part in this event again.  Keep an eye on the blog for dates.  You won’t want to miss it next year!

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