On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

The Beefy Bloody Mary | MOTOR – Harley Davidson Museum

Having been to the Harley-Davidson museum multiple times for weddings and photo sessions, I’m thankful we finally went for fun.  The Beefy Bloody Mary is a staple but recently in the running for Food Networks Best Bloody Mary.  Unfortunately, MOTOR didn’t win but came in a close second.  Obviously, we had to go!

harley (1 of 2)

Mix: If Stenys and Bourbon & Tunns got together, had a wild night and had a little bloody mary baby, it would be living at MOTOR.  This classic mix had a smokey flavor that added a little something, something you might not be used to.  It was similar to the super tasty Bourbon & Tunns bloody mary we tried many moons ago (Bourbon & Tunns has since closed).   They couldn’t divulge the secret ingredients so I’m not totally sure what was peaking my curiosity.  This can be achieved by adding liquid smoke but I’m not totally sure on how MOTOR achieved this.  The consistency was a bit thin, which reminded me a lot of Stenys famous clamato juice Bloody Mary.  Personally, I could have gone for a little more spice and heat but I know this isn’t for everyone.

Garnish:  MOTOR kept it relatively simple with a beef stick, green olive, pickle, celery stalk and a classic celery salt rim.  Very enjoyable.

Chaser: I believe included a chaser of Miller High Life.

Size: MOTOR is serving up standard 16oz Bloodys.

Buzz:  Maybe it was the food, maybe I’ve finally grown a tolerance for 2 ounces of vodka (I’ll run tests at a later date.  Not alone in my home).  I didn’t catch a buzz at the H-D Museum.  I could taste the vodka though.

Cost: $8.99

BONUS!  At the time of the competition, MOTOR’s BOTM (Burger of the Month) was the “Bloody Mary Burger”.  It was their traditional patty covered in the house Bloody Mary mix.  It was topped with a pickle spear and mini beef sick.  Inside was pickles and chopped green olives.  My hungry, equally better half & burger lover highly approved.  Next months special looks just as good. Find the monthly specials here.

harley (2 of 2)

Regardless of what/where the Bloody Mary reminded me of, MOTOR was an experience in itself.  Even if you don’t like Bloody Mary’s, go for the food.  Heck, if you don’t like food, go for the H-D experience!  It is awesome!  The entire campus is so beautiful and there is so much to do there!  It’s a staple while visiting Milwaukee.


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