On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Bub City | Chicago, Illinois

Just a few days ago, I hopped the Amtrak to visit my best gal in Chicago.  Whenever we’re together, we get brunch and naturally have a Bloody Mary.  When she’s in Milwaukee, I pick where we go, and while in Chicago, she picks.  Pretty easy right?  This time around, Amy took me to Bub City at 435 N Clark Street.

Confession: I love country music, barbecue and all foods/patterns/colors that go along with it.  Bub City was right up my alley and I loved it.

Bubs was out of the ordinary as it is a Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar.  Once ordered, the server gives you a token for you to redeem at the bar.


** Sorry for the crummy iPhone picture.


Mix: Once you give your token to the bartender, they ask which kind of alcohol you’d like.  I opted for Jack Daniels because it was an option and I’d never had it in a Bloody Mary before.  I also picked the Bub City mix which appears to be bottled and maybe even for sale?  It was super thick and full of flavor.  I have to admit, the whiskey was pretty overpowering and it’s primarily what I tasted.  However, I’d recommend the Bub City mix out of all the others available.

Garnish:  Oh, the garnishes!  There were so many… it was AWESOME!  Of course, they had the classics: celery, cheese curds (3 different kinds), sausage, bacon.  They had shrimp, oysters, homemade giardiniera peppers, pepperoncini.  They had mini grilled cheeses and crackers with cheese, pickles and sausage.  There was everything you could ever want.  Fantastic.

Chaser: At the end of the line, you could pick a High-Life pony.  It was included.

Buzz:  My friend and I both caught wind of a heavy buzz.  Shortly after though, we stuffed our faces with cinnamon rolls and chicken and waffles.  The buzz faded once our bellies were full of high-calorie goodness.

Size: This was your average sized Bloody Mary.

Cost: $10.  For what was offered, I feel like this was a very fair price.  We could have easily gotten off with our drinks and garnishes as a mid-morning snack.  However, when in Bub City… or whatever the saying is 😉

Recap: Go.  We both loved our meal and the Bloody Mary bar.  The atmosphere was a bit loud but everyone around is was having a great time. There were a lot of bigger groups.  The places wasn’t extremely big either so if they take reservations, I’d recommend calling ahead.

BloodyBest also reviewed Bubs.  Go check out their write up too!

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