On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Mad Rooster Cafe  | West Allis, Wisconsin

A while back, a reader recommended we try out Mad Rooster Cafe and their homemade Bloody Mary.  I mean, this was years ago.  We’ve tried to go a few times but the wait on the weekends is crazy!  Finally, TJ and I were off of work on a Wednesday afternoon so we hit it up for lunch.  MRC is right on the corner of Greenfield and Miller Park Way (it used to be a custard stand) so it’s surrounded by a neighborhood and tons of traffic at all times.

They have one Bloody Mary on the menu called the Mad Mary.

Milwaukee Bloody MaryHere’s the details on the Mad Mary…

Mix: This homemade mix but very thin though it did have a really good spice and flavor.  I couldn’t detect any spice flavorings in it like horseradish, nor did I see any floating.  However, pepper is very visible from the glass.  Although it was thin, it made my taste buds happy.  I would have been more satisfied had it been a bit thicker but that’s just my personal preference.  I did like that it didn’t fill me up too much before my meal!

Garnish: This was a pretty good one!  The Mad Mary comes with a celery stalk, pickle spear, a cheese stuffed olive, a really good deviled egg, lemon & lime with a celery salt rim.

Chaser: Miller High Life shorty.

Buzz: You forfeit texture when it comes to a bit more vodka.  Depending on the day, I’m okay with this!  I got a little buzz at Mad Rooster Cafe on a Wednesday afternoon.  Deal.

Cost: $9.  I felt like this was a very fair price!

Final note: I liked MRC.  The place is decorated like a Disney restaurant too.  You know, kinda weird but fun and very themed at the same time?  I wouldn’t order the Bloody Mary again but I certainly enjoyed my meal (I got yogurt and fruit covered waffles).  TJ ordered the chicken and waffles.  We’re sorry to report we’re still on our never-ending quest for the best C&W.  Mad Rooster Cafe was not the spot for those.  I recommend checking it out for their huge menu alone!

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