On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Riverwest Filling Station | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We have had Riverwest Filling Station, at 701 E. Keefe Avenue on our list for quite some time.  We joined friends for dinner there over the winter and really liked it!  The food was excellent and the beer selection is just awesome.  Along with the atmosphere and super friendly service, we knew we’d be back.  Riverwest Filling Station also has a few Bloody Marys on the menu (though I can’t find it online).

This! Bloody Mary was an experience.

Riverwest Filling Station Bloody Mary

Mix:  The bartender warned me when I ordered the hot version of their regular Bloody.  I accepted the challenge as I do like hot things.  Most of the time, I can handle more spice.  As she was making it, she kept saying how “everyone says it’s too hot” and they been marinating ghost peppers in vodka for a month.  I’m getting a little nervous.  She mixes it up, from scratch, even training another bartender so I got to see every step.  They place it in front of me and I’m already impressed with the texture.  I could tell it was thick, it had horseradish, pepper, lemon. Then I took a sip.  Holy. Cow. The bartender was NOT kidding.  This knocked me on my ass.  It was the hottest Bloody Mary I’ve ever had.  It was so hot, I took a couple sips and the bartender gave me more tomato juice to level it out. “I told you so”, she joked.  I would love to try the regular mix as I wasn’t able to fully enjoy this one, sadly.

Garnish: A big pickle spear, a pickled asparagus, two little mushrooms, a few slices of bacon, lemon and lime.  Really good.  The bacon was so salty and fresh!

Chaser: Yep! A little Rhinelander shorty.

Buzz: No buzz at Riverwest Filling Station.  I was only able to drink half and added quite a bit of extra tomato juice!

Cost: I’m sorry to report that I do not recall the price.  Sorry friends.

Final note: Go check out this place!  It’s awesome.  Although it’s a little out of our way, I have a feeling this will become one of our favorite spots.  I can’t wait to try the regular Bloody Mary mix!  Also, as a big customer service advocate, Riverwest Filling Station couldn’t have been better.  I was really impressed with how friendly the staff and owners were.  Nicely done!

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