On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Shamrock Bar & Grille | Madison, Wisconsin

Over Memorial Day weekend, my best friend, Sarah, was in town from Houston.  She went to UW-Madison and was back with a few friends to run her first half-marathon!  To celebrate, we hit up Shamrock Bar and Grille.  It was rainy and cold so we hit up Shamrock for their cozy atmosphere.

To go along with our fried potatoes, I was so excited to try their homemade Bloody Mary.  The server was really excited about it too so… you know… easy decision.

This adventure is the perfect example of different tastes.  Read further for my explanation…


Mix: I really liked this Blood Mary.  The consistency wasn’t too thick, nor too thin.  The overload of horseradish made it spicy but not too spicy.  To me, it was a classic Bloody Mary.  Sarah’s friend ordered one as well, but didn’t like it as he doesn’t like horseradish.  So funny to see the comparison between us.  It just goes to show, what I like, you may not!  Personally, I’d certainly order this Bloody Mary again.  I believe it compared to Black Sheep in Milwaukee, which I thought was really enjoyable.

Garnish: Very simple garnish of a large pickle spear, green olive and a lime.

Chaser: No, this one didn’t come with a small beer friend.

Buzz: Sadly, I didn’t catch a buzz at Shamrock but that’s okay.  The Bloody was so tasty.

Cost: My dear friend picked up my tab and I didn’t catch what the cost of the Bloody Mary was.  However, I know everybodys drinks were inexpensive.  I’d be surprised if this Bloody was over $8.

Final Note: I really enjoyed my experience at Shamrock.  It was my first time there… the service was great, it was clean, and the Bloody Mary was awesome.  If you’re in town, I recommend stopping by!

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