On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Bavette  | Milwaukee’s Third Ward

Meat lovers, if you haven’t been to Bavette La Boucherie in the Third Ward, now is the time.  TJ and I have gone a handful of times and have enjoyed our meals each and every time.  It has been getting tons of recognition in the city.  Even named one of the Best New Restaurants by Milwaukee Mag!  And that logo!  ❤

Typically, I’m not a fan of Bloody Marys after dark but this particular night, I was jonesing.  Or really, I hadn’t noticed it on the menu before and I was really excited to see it.  So, I broke my own rule.  I checked out their most recent menu and there was no Bloody Mary so maybe it’s not a regular offering?  Anyway, a Bloody Mary with dinner coming right up.

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I’m forever sorry for the shitty iPhone picture.

Mix: I believe the two main ingredients in this mix were tomato and pickle juice. It was very strong in the pickle department. I think a little horseradish, pepper, a little tabasco maybe.  For being such a great eatery, I was bummed about the Bloody Mary.  Was it their normal lunch mix?  Did the bottle get shaken well?  Could this be a case of mistaken identity?  Well, I guess I’ll never know.  This thin mix was not for me, you guys.  But, just like in my Shamrock Bar & Grille post, maybe it’s for you.  Definitely worth a shot to try it out with some tasty food.

Garnish: Two green olives and an extra long pickle spear!

Chaser: Not today but I did order a beer half-way through.

Buzz:  I did catch a small buzz from sipping on half of this Bloody Mary!

Cost:  Sadly, I didn’t catch the cost of this one.   Sorry frands.

Final Note: Bavette is awesome.  I was really excited to try their Bloody Mary but I shouldn’t have broken my own rule.  I’ll be ever curious if the mix is the same during lunch.  Maybe I’ll try it sometime, maybe I won’t.  I know that I’ll most certainly be back for some grub because it’s oh! so good!  However, just because this Bloody Mary and I didn’t get along doesn’t mean it won’t for you either.  Support our local businesses and try for yourself!

One comment on “Bavette  | Milwaukee’s Third Ward

  1. bloodybest
    July 14, 2015

    Hahaha it’s random, but even though I LOVE bloody marys, I have the same general rule about drinking them in the evening.

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