On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Barnacle Buds | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Barnacle Buds is one of those places you go on the most perfect summer day.  The patio(s) here are lively and full of sunshine at happy hour.  It’s tucked away at 1955 S. Hilbert Street in Milwaukee, it’s actually confusing to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for.BarnacleBuds-BloodyMar

Although Barnacle Buds has been on my list for a long time, and we’ve had many beautiful Sundays to go, we waited until late August when it was cold and very windy.  Let’s just say the patio wasn’t the most enjoyable, but it was a patio none-the-less.

Now, you guys know I’m not a big fan of Bloody Mary bars.  I figure, if I’m paying for a Bloody Mary, I don’t want to make it myself.  I can do that at home for less than $5.  Had I researched and knew this was a BYO, I believe we would have passed on Barnacle Buds, at least until a warmer day. After we sat down, the server gave us a plastic cup with ice, a 1oz bottle of Skyy vodka and a mini can of Miller Lite.  That was actually all he gave us.  We had to ask where the Bloody Bar was.  (how snotty did this paragraph make me sound?)  


Mix: Barnacle Buds used Finest Call bottled mix.  It was a normal ol’ mix.  I’m not sure if Finest Call has a “spicy” option.  If they do, B.B. didn’t have it out.  I thought the mix was okay but thought it was lacking a bit of spice and flavor!  If I’m going for a mix, I’d take Jimmy Luv.  I added Sriracha, horseradish, celery salt, and Tabasco to the mix to make it more enjoyable for me.  Other options that were available were french fry salt, A1 and worcestershire.

Garnish: When we got there at 3, you could tell the Bloody Mary bar had been very picked over.  I picked a celery stalk, a few pieces of sausage (there were only end pieces), green olives, a pickle spear, and pepperoncini.  There were quite a bit of cheese cubes to pick from too. BarnacleBuds Bloody Mary

Chaser: We got a cute little 8oz can of Miller Lite as a chaser.

Size: I believe this Bloody came in a 12oz cup.

Price:  Each Bloody Mary was $8.  I thought this was over priced.

Buzz: No buzz.  The only thing we caught was a view of a large boat coming in the dock. That was neat.

Overall, I personally won’t be going back for the Bloody Mary Bar.  On Sundays,I’m a lazy, lazy American, okay?  If I’m tipping a server, I don’t want to do anything myself.  I do enjoy Barnacle Buds patio and I’ll certainly be back for that.  I recommend checking the hide-away out!

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