On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Brown Bottle Pub | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Friends, it’s been too bloody long.  After a four-month hiatus, we’re back! To kick off 2016, we went to the Brown Bottle Pub at 221 West Galena Street, Milwaukee.  This location is fairly new to the city, opening in November 2014 (it was previously an italian restaurant).  It’s a little hidden, but worth the search.

The interior is super cozy, perfect for a cold January day.  The lunch crowd was light, so we hopped up to a barside table.  The bartender assured me their Bloody mix was homemade so I ordered up.


Mix: My first impression of this mix was how salty it was.  The flavor was good, but it was a little overpowering!  I couldn’t quite put my finger on the unique taste.  TJ thought it may have been pickle juice but I couldn’t agree with him.  I loved how thick the mix was!  It was rich with spices and had large, visible floaties.  About half way through, I found myself “having enough” because it actually made my mouth pucker.

Garnish: I liked the classic garnish at Brown Bottle.  The skewer was decorated with two cheese curds, a stick of bacon, a pickle spear, one green olive… and of course… lemon & lime.

Chaser:  Yes; a Schlitz chaser was included.

Buzz: A salty, little buzz here!

Cost: So sorry, I didn’t catch the price of the Bloody Mary here!

While I wasn’t personally a huge fan of the Bloody Mary at Brown Bottle, I’ll certainly be back.  The atmosphere was too cozy to pass up.  We also did not eat, and I’d love to try the food.  Their menu looks fantastic!  People are loving it on Yelp!

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