On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Coquette Cafe | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Coquette Cafe has been on our go-to list for a long time.  Years, actually.  When our friends encouraged us to meet them there for lunch during the week, we were excited to try it out. The restaurant wasn’t very busy.  I’m sure they move pretty well on the weekends though.

Since it was 1PM, I opted for a Bloody Mary along with my sandwich.  Of course I did.


Mix:  Meh.  I wish I had more to say on this one.  The restaurant itself seems really great.  Our food was pretty tasty.  The Bloody Mary, though, was nothing to write home about.  It had flavor, let me say that.  It just wasn’t anything memorable.  The mix was thin and went down very smoothly.

Garnish:  Two green olives and two mini-pickles.  Coquette is classy… it isn’t the type of place that’s going to stick bacon in a drink!

Size: 16 ounce glass

Chaser: No.

Buzz: No.

Cost:  Sorry; I didn’t catch the price at Coquette Cafe.

For all of the good things I’ve heard about Coquette, I was really let down by their Bloody Mary mix.  Try the food out, but I don’t recommend the Bloody here.

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This entry was posted on January 22, 2016 by in Bloody Marys in the area.
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