On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

The Outsider at the Journeyman Hotel | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The new Journeyman in the Third Ward is finally complete.  While it’s made parking in the area a complete nightmare, the hotel is absolutely beautiful.  Each time we’ve been to the boutique hotel, the service has been top-notch.

All summer, we’ve wanted to check out the ninth-floor rooftop patio bar, The Outsider.  We’d heard so many great things about it but all came with “it’s so crowded”.  So, we waited until the buzz wore off a bit before heading there ourselves.  We were not let down! Besides seeing a Packer shirt here-or-there on a guest, you could easily imagine yourself in a fancy Chicago or New York establishment.

So, how did the Bloody Mary fare at the award-winning group?


Mix: the homemade mix was peppery, salty and on the thicker side.  The flavor was very strong and good!  There were notes of lemon in the mix that made it a bit sweeter than I am used to.  I’d have to say, if you’re new to Bloody Marys, this may not the one for you. With every sip I took, I tasted different things. Not in a bad way; it kept me thinkin’ and drinkin’.  Pepper here, lemon there, cucumber here. One note that stayed consistent and even stronger at the end was rosemary.  This was due to the fresh rosemary garnish.

Chaser: No chaser here.  Much like the bar itself, it didn’t feel very Wisconsin 😉

Garnish: A light and classy garnish of fresh (super fragrant) rosemary, a cucumber slice, green olive and lime slice.

Size: This wasn’t your average bar glass.  I’d guess it was maybe 12 ounces but didn’t bring my ruler with, okay guys? Lay off me.

Price: I’m not totally certain but I believe it was $9.

I’d absolutely have this Bloody Mary again.  The Outsider is a beautiful patio and I loved the vibe.  Looking forward to going back this fall to sit under the outdoor heaters!



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