On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

Margarita Paradise | Milwaukee Public Market

Margarita Paradise at the Public Market.  Have you been?
1. That’s awesome. We love it too!
2. Why not? It’s so good. You should go today.

Seriously, we really enjoy Margarita Paradise. It’s quick, easy and really good. This is the first time I’ve tried their Bloody Maria.  We stopped for lunch and I was in the mood for a beverage so I didn’t bother asking if they use their own mix.


Mix: With my first sip of the MP Bloody Maria, I said “this makes me want to drink Bloody Mary’s on a beach.”  This mix is heavy on the lime and pretty sweet.  I even wondered if they put a little margarita mix in this Maria.  This mix was spicy and thick; just the way I like it! There’s a ton of spices in this which makes me think it’s a bottled mix.  Does anyone know? Share your secrets with me.

Chaser: No chaser here but a little baby margarita would have been amusing.

Garnish: A few limes, some spicy pickled carrots and a celery stalk.

Size: 16 ounce plastic bar cup

Price: $8.00

Buzz: Yes. I went past a buzz into a “kinda drunk” from this Bloody! I still would have liked a margarita chaser though…

Highly recommend Margarita Paradise!  Try the tacos. Just do it.

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