On a mission to find Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.

The Bubbler | Bay View

The Bubbler at 3158 S Howell Avenue is labeled as a “Dive Bar” in Bay View. After visiting it for the first time, I’d have to disagree. The Bubbler was clean and bright. It’s even got a hidden pizza shop in the back!


Mix: The homemade mix at The Bubbler was pretty standard. The bartender asked if we’d like it spicy. We said “medium” spice but really could have taken double the heat. This was pretty mellow and light on the spices. Visibly, I can see the pepper and horseradish but we could have taken double the amount of everything added! All-in-all it was a pretty classic bloody mary.

Garnish: A pretty great beef stick! Also, a garnish stick full of pickled veggies.

Chaser: A chaser was included so I picked Pabst Blue Ribbon. It went perfectly!

Buzz: Buzz factor was huuuuuge. Stephanie drank her entire cocktail but I had to stop after half. If I drank more, I wouldn’t have been able to get home! This was the booziest bloody mary I’ve ever had!

Size: Standard 16oz glass

Cost: I believe the cost was $6. Super reasonable considering how much vodka the bartender put in it!

Nap Factor: A nap was seriously needed but I fought through it. If I would have drank the full bloody, I would have needed a nap.

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